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The documentation on this page is considered legacy.

We will be updating this content to our new principle-based format in the near future.

Start designing with a Design System from the Defence Digital Foundry.

Welcome to the MOD.UK Design System! We are here to help you build thoughtful, user-friendly digital experiences.

Here’s a checklist of everything you need to get started:

1Design libraries

We provide three Axure libraries which contain all MOD.UK Design System components. Using our libraries saves you having to design components from scratch and, when handing off to your developers, there won’t be confusion about the components and their behaviour.

Getting started with the Axure design libraries

A short document to help you

  • Install, use and keep our libraries up to date

  • Understand which library to use when

  • Discover tips and tricks for working with Axure

Download our Getting Started Guide

Static Axure library

Current version: 3.1

Changes from previous version:

  • Modal: Added missing keyline under Modal title

  • Pagination: Fixed icon order

  • File upload: Left-aligned all widgets

  • Range slider: Added warning icons to improve accessibility

Download our static Axure library

Interactive Axure library

Current version: 3.0

Changes from previous version:

  • First Axure library

  • Contains all forms v3 components (currently Experimental)

Download our interactive Axure library

Icons Axure library

All icons available on the Design System are in this searchable Axure library and can be dropped directly into your designs.

Current version: 3.0

Changes from previous version:

  • First Axure icons library

Download our icons Axure library

Legacy Sketch design library

If you are still using v2 of the Royal Navy Design System (now renames MOD.UK Design System), you should use our legacy Sketch library. Please note that this library is not maintained any longer and you should transition to our Axure libraries where possible.

Download our legacy Sketch design library

2Foundational guidance

Read about our Tokens to understand how elements like colour, typography and spacing work, especially if you need to create a new component or pattern.

3Guidance on individual components

We provide guidance on how to use each individual component and its variants, including any applicable Standards you may have to adhere to.

The MOD.UK Design System provides guidance and tools for building high–quality Services within the UK Ministry of Defence. This project is open source and its source code is available on GitHub.

All content is available under the Apache 2.0 licence, except where otherwise stated.

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