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Date Picker

The documentation on this page is considered legacy.

We will be updating this content to our new principle-based format in the near future.

The Date Picker component lets the user pick a date from a calender dropdown widget.


The Date Picker component lets the user pick a date from a calendar dropdown widget.


This component can be used as a standalone component or as part of a form, alongside other inputs.


  1. Date Picker Input. This component displays the currently selected date.

  2. Calendar Widget. Provides a graphical way for the user to select a date.

3Sizing & Spacing

The date picker component is sized to sit next to input components within a form.

4Date Picker with Range Selection

The Date Picker with Range Selection component is very similar to the standard Date Picker. This component lets the user select both a start and end date, using two calendar widgets.

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