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The documentation on this page is considered legacy.

We will be updating this content to our new principle-based format in the near future.

The Breadcrumbs component is a navigational item


The Breadcrumbs component allows users to quickly ascend a page tree.


The BreadcrumbsItem component should sit at the top of the viewport. Visit the Hierarchy & Placement section below for more information.


  1. Parent Link. The parent link is a clickable action that will navigate the user to the parent page.

  2. Current Page Label. The current page is a label displaying the current page title. It is not clickable.

3Sizing & Spacing

The BreadcrumbsItem component has one standard text size. Be careful with horizontal placement, as the BreadcrumbsItem can take up a large amount of screen space displaying all the parent links.


When hovering on a Breadcrumb, the active link will change to the primary colour. Every child to the right of the hovered link will fade to help indicate the target page to the user.

5Hierarchy & Placement

There should only be one BreadcrumbsItem component per page. It should sit at the top of the viewport and be easily accessible for the user. The component is a top level navigational item used to help the user navigate whole pages, rather than a subset section inside another component.

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